Ductless Mini Split Repairs

Ductless mini splits are one of the most energy efficient ways to heat or cool a single room. If maintained well they can last a very long time. If you are in a situation where you are having issues with your mini split, the cost of repairing a unit can often be a much more preferable option rather than a full replacement. 

Fire & Ice is highly skilled and both replacing and repairing the heating and AC component of mini splits, but most importantly we are able to make a good determination of the need for a replacement, or a repair.

HVAC systems rarely go down at a convenient time, thankfully Fire & Ice provides 24 hour emergency service for repairs, allowing you to go back comfortable living in an extremely timely manner. 

Depending on what’s wrong with the unit, a repair might not be possible. In this case the best course of action would be a replacement of the damaged unit. 

Ductless mini split installs are quick and efficient due to the systems small and flexible frame. Our team of experienced technicians will be in and out of your home in no time and you’ll be able to enjoy your system in a timely manner. In an effort to provide top of the line customer service we even offer financing options to help you pay for your new system.

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule service, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Signs you may need to replace or repair your mini split

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The Fire & Ice Team has years of experience in completing ductless mini split installations. All of our technicians are trained and have the common goals of providing you with the highest level of customer service possible.

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